The word ‘healthy’ and the enthusiasm attached with a ‘healthy diet’ has spread like fire everywhere. Social media platforms, advertising, and public forums are all bombarded with the message about being healthy and staying fit. Majority of people think eating sweet or cheesy food is a big sin and should only be an occasional option or reserved for a ‘cheat day’. However, that’s just one side of the story.

Eating healthy involves consuming a variety of food choices from fruits, vegetables, sweets, cheese and more. Too much or too less of anything disturbs the overall wellbeing. Hence, a good balance between all food choices is vital to a healthy you. If you are worried whether you are eating healthy enough or not, then you are certainly at the right place. We have come up with several telltale ways from authentic resources that will help you figure out about your healthy eating habits as well as various early signs that shows up due to eating unhealthy food.

Signs that show you are eating healthy food

You eat and fuel your body as per your requirement. As simple as it sounds, this fundamental concept allows you to listen to your body requirements. Eating when you are hungry and stopping when you feel full is a sign of eating and functioning in a healthy manner.

You regularly eat healthily food with a sense of balance

Switching to fad diets or restricting certain food groups forever is preferred by a vast majority as it certainly sounds a reliable way to a healthy lifestyle. However, this is not true. Having a sense of balance to eat every kind of food is what matters the most. Hence, if you satisfy your hunger with a wide variety of different foods, without overdoing, you are probably on the right track.

You keep switching between a wide variety of foods

Simply, the term food includes everything from meat and poultry to vegetables and fruits, dairy, legumes, grains, seafood, and beans. They are categorized according to the calories, fat, carbs, fiber, proteins and various other nutrients they possess and thus should not be avoided or restricted unless medically necessary. All variety and type of foods are healthy to eat. The only factor considerable is to maintain adequacy by switching between a wide variety of foods. Enjoying each kind of food is important to health. Sustain flexibility and do not indulge in excessive eating at any time. A flexible eater is a healthy eater!

You do not starve or stuff yourself

Eating at regular intervals and in sufficient portions is a healthy habit. It abstains you from starving as well as overeating. Hence, if you don’t experience extreme hunger pangs or overly stuffed belly, it is expected that you are holding on to you a healthy eating behavior.

You are high on energy & also get a sound sleep

Food fuels our body to function well and is the primary source of energy. When you are eating right and sufficiently, you will feel energized throughout the day. With sustained energy, it means that you are feeding healthy food to your body. Similarly, a poor diet disturbs your sleep. This is because you don’t allow your body to absorb appropriate nutrients that are sent to the brain to produce the neurotransmitters that it needs in order to maintain adequate sleep. Thus, if you eat healthily, your body and mind perform their functions in a good rhythm, putting you to a sound sleep when needed.

Regularity in bowel movements

Although, bowel movements differ from person to person, it is still an effective sign that shows you are eating a healthy diet. Average visits to the bathroom, without any discomfort to your body often means that your eating habits are good enough. Our bodies send useful signals to us, we just need to interpret the message and respond in a positive manner.

Feeling fatigued

Having a consistent fatigued feeling can be an indication that you aren’t holding on to a healthy diet and lack the necessary nutrients that your body needs. Switch to a healthy eating habit to regain the energy that you lack.

Brittle hair & ridged nails

You might have heard people saying, you are what you eat. This means if you are deficient in the important nutrients that your body needs, you might notice some unhealthy changes in your hair, skin or nails. Poor nutrition can cause several negative changes in you. As a result, you seriously need to review your eating habits.

Irregular bowel movements

Constipation occurs when you don’t get enough fiber that is found in whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Thus, you should know what lacks in your diet.

You bruise easily & heal slowly

If you bruise easily, unless you don’t fall or bump hard into an object, then you need to check your vitamin C or K intake or your body might be short in protein. Your diet plays a major role in repairing, healing and blood clotting. Hence, a healthy eating habit can gradually overcome these deficiencies.

Weak immune response

Your immune system is able to fight all kinds of illnesses if it is adequately supplied with protein and zinc, along with vitamins A, C, and E. If you eat unhealthy food and lack the vital nutrients, you are likely to catch on to ailments quickly and easily. Eat healthy food for a stronger immune system.

Importance of chewing well


Besides the importance of eating healthy food, how you eat it is also important. Chewing the start of digestion. In your mouth, you chew food finely and mix it with saliva using your teeth, molars and tongue.

If you don’t chew well, the saliva mixes less with the food. As a result, certain nutrients are broken down less well, resulting in flatulence or a bloated feeling.


When you chew for a long time and attentively, you spend longer on your meal. This gives your brain time to produce a satiety hormone. This takes about 15 to 20 minutes from your first bite.

Monitoring your eating habits

We are usually not aware of the way we eat. Eating habits are unconscious behavior. That is why awareness is an important first step.

Eating habits therefore do not only concern the choice of food, but also the way in which you eat. Eating out of need, chewing well and enjoying it require presence of mind, discipline and perseverance.

You can use the Healthy Lifestyle Monitor to help you make these habits your own. In the App you can ask a general question in the Morning Measurement “Did I eat healthy?” replaced by one on several of the following four questions. “Was the food I ate healthy”, “Did I chew my food well”, “Did I eat as needed?” and “Did I enjoy my food?”

Answering these questions will help raise awareness of the importance of your healthy eating habits. It also teaches you a lot about your own motivation to change your eating habits sustainably.