The hectic pace of a rapidly changing society, our ambitions and the temptations to which we are exposed, contribute to unhealthy lifestyle habits and stress.

Unhealthy lifestyle habits and stress in turn lead to the rapid increase in lifestyle diseases.

Individuals, companies and organizations are looking for ways to protect themselves against this.

Topday’s technology makes it possible to monitor our lifestyle and stress and to use the information obtained for behavioral change.

It has now been amply demonstrated that with frequent feedback we are more inclined to adjust our lifestyle and remain motivated to do so.

Healthcare professionals, (sports) coaches and trainers are increasingly expected to include the lifestyle behavior and stress of their clients in their advice and guidance. In addition, they are also expected to offer their services at a distance where possible.

This requires professionals to increase their knowledge and develop skills with regard to:

  • Basic lifestyle themes like nutrition, exercise, sleep, relaxation and steady relationships.
  • Being able to use information from new sources, such as health apps.
  • Guiding or coaching in a form of communication other than vis à vis on location like video calling, email and Whatsapp.