Healthy Lifestyle Monitor Pro


License fee per year

Complete lifestyle and stress monitor

Formerly called iStressChecker

For iPhone, iPad and iPod. To support personal advice and guidance (online and offline) with lifestyle change and stress management.

Android version from 4th quarter 2023.

Consists of:

  1. 3 Heart rate monitors (Communication (Bluetooth 4.0)/ energy unit with rechargeable battery. Ear clip with infrared sensor. USB charging cable and manual in English.
  1. App in English. License for 25 client accounts. System requirements IOS 8 and above.
  1. Ability to purchase additional patient heart rate monitors at a discounted price.

For more information see description below.

Who is the Healthy Lifestyle Monitor Pro for?

The Healthy Lifestyle Monitor Pro has been developed for doctors, physiotherapists, (sports) psychologists, (sports) trainers and personal trainers, work-life balance and stress counsellors, dieticians and masseurs, etc. They can all use the StressChecker Pro to offer their clients extra support while working with them.

What is the Healthy Lifestyle Monitor Pro?

The Healthy Lifestyle Monitor Pro is an extended version of the Healthy Lifestyle Monitor (see description).

The new functionalities are:

  • Create and manage up to 25 client profiles. This can even be expanded to 100 or more on request.
  • Access the measurement data based on readings that clients have taken in their own surroundings using the heart rate monitor provided by the professional.
  • Input additional client-specific questions to be asked during the Morning Reading. These can be in relation to a specific lifestyle habit, ailment or circumstance.
  • The possibility to deactivate irrelevant standard questions. This option is also offered for the Self-reflection questions.


Why use the Healthy Lifestyle Monitor Pro?

A large number of psychological and physical ailments are the result of unhealthy living habits and the social and work-related pressures people experience.

The facts:

  • 60-90 percent of all visits to doctors and psychologists are related to some form of stress (source: Harvard Researchers, USA).
  • Over 75 percent of all modern-day diseases are caused by an unhealthy lifestyle (source: World Health Organization).

By no means all professionals take these facts into account when making a diagnosis and planning their treatment/support. This is compounded by the fact that clients often struggle to recall the precise details of their day-to-day activities and/or the amount of social and work-related pressure they are experiencing.

The Healthy Lifestyle Monitor Pro offers a solution to this problem!

The Healthy Lifestyle Monitor Pro makes it easy for professionals to gather information about their clients with respect to aspects such as:

  • Living habits
  • The social and work-related pressures they are experiencing
  • Their stress and vitality levels, measured based on their pulse and heart rate variability (HRV).

This information enables professionals to:

  1. assess their clients’ psychological and/or physical ailments from a broader perspective.
  2. evaluate throughout the entire period of treatment/support whether changes in a client’s lifestyle have a positive effect on their stress and vitality levels.
  3. evaluate throughout the entire period of treatment/support whether changes in a client’s social or work environment have a positive effect on their stress and vitality levels.

Sports trainers and coaches can use the relevant measurement data to optimize the training activities for their athletes/players.

Professionals can purchase heart rate monitors for clients at a discounted rate. For more information about prices and how to order, see:

Attention! The Healthy Lifestyle Manager Pro does not provide reliable stress level measurements of people with heart failure, frequent cardiac arrhythmias or who have a pacemaker, or people taking cardiac medications that can cause cardiac arrhythmias.


Method I

Measurements are performed during the consultation and the measurement results are discussed with the client. The measurement result can be printed and given.

Method II

The professional makes heart monitors available to his clients, who own an iPhone, iPad or IPod. His clients can perform measurements in their own environment at times of their choosing. The measurement results are discussed during the consultation.

Advantages of Method II

1.    Access to more customer measurement data. This allows for a more precise picture of living habits and the pressure experienced in the social and work environment, as well as the possible correlations.

2.   Increased motivation in clients to change their behavior and/or their social and/or work environment through frequent feedback on the consequences for their stress level and vitality.

3.   Time saving during the consultation because the measurement has already been carried out by clients themselves.

4.   Clients can take measurements at the same time every day. This makes the measurement results more comparable.

Client Profile Management

Client Login Account Management


*    Healthy Lifestyle Manager Pro licensed for 25 clients. License for more than 25 accounts: price on request.

*    Additional heart rate monitors for clients: price on request.



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