Measurement Method

The LIFESTYLE MONITORS’ products check whether, and to what extent, a person is suffering from psychological and/or physical overload and his/her resistance to stress by measuring the heart rate and the time intervals between the heartbeats, the so-called heart rate variability (HRV).

At rest, these time intervals are influenced primarily by a person’s breathing.

In medical circles, the HRV is regarded as a key indicator of whether the autonomic nervous system is in good working order. The higher the HRV, the better a person is able to relax whenever the situation allows and to tense up and prepare for action if required.

This method for calculating the HRV is particularly suitable for brief readings and is based on the guidelines for measuring HRV by the Task Force of the European Society of Cardiology and the North American Society of Pacing Electrophysiology.

For our products, we have chosen the RMSSD (Root Mean Square of the Successive Differences) method to calculate the HRV for 2.5 minutes using a smartphone or 3 minutes using a PC.

The relevance of RMSSD is demonstrated by the fact that it is usually one of the variables considered in most scientific HRV studies.

Although the RMSSD is measured over shorter than normal periods, as described by the Task force, the results are still acceptable. The high frequency with which readings are conducted more than compensates for the brief measurement period.

Healthy Lifstyle Monitor also records the user’s ratings for their quality of sleep, diet, relaxation and the social and work-related pressures they are experiencing. Furthermore, the user can regularly reflect on the effectiveness of his steps to change one or more stress factors (lifestyle or circumstances).