About Lifestyle Monitors


What are we doing

LIFESTYLE MONITORS sells products to support  people who want to change their (unhealthy) lifestyles .This with the goal of becoming healthier and eliminating non-functional stress.

Not only are our products already used by consumers, but they are also popular with lifestyle coaches, physical therapists, psychologists, sports psychologists, athletic trainers and personal coaches, stress counselors, dieticians and companies offering lifestyle programs for their employees.

What can our products offer your organization?

Our products are used by several German health insurance companies, among others. In particular, for their prevention programs for the employees of their corporate clients.

We sell our products directly to customers and through resellers. We provide customized solutions for companies and organizations that want to actively contribute to the health of their employees and for consulting firms that support these activities.

Our products can be adapted as and when required to ideally suit the application and style of our customers.

Paul Pannevis CEO

About the owner

Former sales manager at Philips and KPN Telecom and change coach at AndersPresteren, is responsible for the day-to-day management of LIFESTYLE MONITORS.

Respilex and The StressChecker Company are trade names of LIFESTYLE MONITORS.

What can our products offer your organization?

Health Pros / Coaches

Our products have also been developed to support treatment and coaching programs by doctors, occupational physicians, psychologists, physiotherapists, work/life balance coaches, dieticians, personal coaches, and sports/fitness trainers.

We offer support in integrating our products into existing coaching/training materials and we can provide specific product information if required.

There are opportunities to become a reseller of our products.

Companies and organizations

Our products are extremely suitable as part of stress management and lifestyle programs for employees.

We can help you set up tailor-made in-company training courses. In addition, our business partners offer various health programs that include the use of our products.

The design and functionality of our software and hardware can be customized to specific customer needs upon request.


Stress-related health problems affect many people’s quality of life, whether at home, at work or at school. Our customers are all kinds of people – men and women, young and old, focused on their work, family or sports.

They all have one thing in common: taking responsibility for their own health. They want to actively build up knowledge about the effects of their lifestyle on their well-being.

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