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Self-monitoring products for healthy lifestyles

Have you decided to change your lifestyle habits? Does stress play a role? Improve your lifestyle habits with the Healthy Lifestyle Monitor.

How are you going to handle this?


In the first few weeks, you will gather specific information about your most important lifestyle habits, the pressures you experience in your social and work environment, and the impact on your stress levels.


You now have a clear picture of your situation and can make informed choices about what you want to change. Then you determine your goals and the way that best suits you to achieve them.


During the change period, you will be asked daily to indicate the degree to which you were motivated to do your best to reach your goal(s).


At least once a week reflect on the results achieved. Self-reflection questions force you to be honest about your motivation to actually make the intended lifestyle changes.


If you are a health professional, sports or fitness trainer, you can track your clients’ results at any time. Even remotely. This can significantly enliven your way of coaching. Ook op afstand. Dit kan jouw manier van coachen aanzienlijk verlevendigen.

Also remotely.

What our products offer you

You track your lifestyle and stress levels daily in a very simple way. After a week, you will have a reliable picture of your way of life and the pressures you experience from your social and work environment and your ability to cope with stress. With this information, you can give conscious and informed direction to a healthy way of living and working. During the change process, you will quickly see if your adjustments are having the desired effect. You closely monitor your efforts and make timely adjustments. You thereby prevent unwelcome relapse. This is how you turn your behavior change into an inspiring activity. You can also use our products as tools to optimize your fitness and sports training.

Our products

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Healthy Lifestyle Monitor
Healthy Lifestyle Monitor Pro L
Healthy Lifestyle Monitor Pro M
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StressChecker Pro
In your practice

Which professionals are our products intended for

If you are a healthcare professional, lifestyle coach or sports or fitness trainer, you are increasingly receiving requests for help with healthy lifestyles and stress management. Topics that are often not easily discussed. The increasing use of health apps and wearables provides new opportunities to shape prevention. Moreover, they facilitate the provision of remote services.

Benefits for you

What our products give you as professional offer

Broader perspective

Our products generate clear information about lifestyle habits. This allows health complaints to be assessed from a broader perspective.

New revenue models

Having up-to-date information on lifestyles and stress levels enables new forms of service with its own revenue model.

Visualizing lifestyle

Our products help to visualize the consequences of unhealthy lifestyles and chronic stress for clients, making them easier to discuss.

In your organization

For whom our products are intended

Your organization’s goal is to increase awareness of a healthy lifestyle and work style through vitality programs. The need for this is stressed by many agencies, including the World Health Organization (WHO). As an internal or external sustainable employability consultant, you are constantly looking for effective, contemporary methods to combat the effects of long-term stress and burnout.

What can our products offer your organization?

We offer tools that not only make employees aware of their (often unhealthy) lifestyle habits and stress sensitivity, but can also be used to encourage lasting behavior change. Our products can be customized on a project basis to suit the needs of the organization.

Order our products today

Use our self-monitoring products to improve your life. Step by step you become a better version of yourself. Place your order today! Are you a professional and would you like to enter into a collaboration? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to talk to you!

Healthy Lifestyle Monitor
Healthy Lifestyle Monitor Pro L
Healthy Lifestyle Monitor Pro M