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LIFESTYLE MONITORS sells self-monitoring products that are intended for people who want to adjust their (unhealthy) living habits and / or their social and working conditions. This with the aim of becoming more vital and eliminating non-functional stress.

In addition  to already being used by many consumers, our products are also popular among doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists, sports psychologists, sports trainers and personal coaches, work-life balance and stress counsellors, dieticians and companies offering employee lifestyle programs.

Our products are also used by health insurance companies such as IKK and AOK in preventive and health-awareness customer programs, etc.

We sell our products directly to clients and through retailers. LIFESTILE MONITORS also provides tailormade projects for those companies and organizations that actively want to contribute to the health of their employees, as well as to the consulting companies supporting these activities.

Our products can be adapted as and when required to ideally suit the application and style of our customers.

LIfestyleMonitors.com, StressChecker.com and Respilex are trading activities of The StressChecker Company.

Our customers


Stress-related health issues affect the quality of life of many people, whether at home, at work or at school. Our customers are all kinds of people – men and women, young and old, focused on their work, family or sport.

They all have one thing in common: taking responsibility for their own health. They want to actively build their knowledge about the effects of their lifestyle on their well-being.

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Retail / Wholesale

Our products are distributed through third-party retail stores and webshops as well as wholesalers.

We support our customers’ sales activities with brochures, narrow casting, sales training, advertisements in retailers’ publications, newsletters and email campaigns.

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Companies and Organizations

LIFESTYLEMONITORS products are extremely suitable as part of employee stress-management and fitness programs.

We can help you to set up tailor-made in-company training courses. Moreover, our business partners offer various health programs which include use of our products.

The design and functionality of our software and hardware can be adapted to customers’ specific needs on request.

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Health Professionals / Coaches / Trainers

Our products have also been developed to aid treatment and coaching programs by doctors, company physicians, psychologists, sport psychologists, physiotherapists, work/life balance coaches, stress counsellors, dieticians, personal coaches, masseurs and sports/fitness trainers.

We offer support to integrate our products into existing coaching/training material and we can provide specific product information if required.

There are possibilities to become a reseller of our products and price discounts are applicable for certain minimum order quantities.

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