When your life isn’t what you want

Dealing with ourselves, our relationships and our work is often very inspiring. But also confronting, not often without problems and stressful. Most of us experience that achieving our wishes or accepting that they cannot be achieved is not so easy. Partly unconsciously we make our choices, influenced by our upbringing, education, circumstances and current social […]

How do I know that I am eating healthy?

The word ‘healthy’ and the enthusiasm attached with a ‘healthy diet’ has spread like fire everywhere. Social media platforms, advertising, and public forums are all bombarded with the message about being healthy and staying fit. Majority of people think eating sweet or cheesy food is a big sin and should only be an occasional option […]

How do I know that I am training enough?

It can be discouraging when you are heading to the gym regularly yet do not see the results that you wanted. Hence, it feels as if everything you are doing is futile. But why? Is it because you are not working out as you should be doing to reach your desired goals or perhaps you […]